Monday, February 25, 2008

American Fascists: The Christian Right and the War on America

This book was great! I saw the author interviewed on Jon Stewart months and months ago and thought this was one I'd probably like. Of course, like is a strong word. I didn't "like" reading most of it because it turned my stomach to think I'm living next to these people. But I'm glad I read it and think all of you should too.

The author talks about the Christiam Right in America as a fascist-like movement that is only waiting for the right crisis to shake the foundation of America before they are able to wrestle control from the hands of liberals, atheists, and heretics. Watching the Bush administration these last 7 years has made a believer out of me. I really think Christian fundamentalists believe in the Apocalypse and would like to usher it in under their watch. They also believe in the Rapture (trust me, they DO!) and believe conformity and adherence to Church doctrine (as interpreted by crazy people) is the path to salvation. When the stakes are that high, you're not playing around people! They want this to be a Christian nation above any democracy, tolerance, or open society.

Now, I know what you're saying. "They're just a bunch of crazies. No way would Americans turn their backs on hundreds of years of progress towards democracy, free thinking, and general cussedness..." Oh no? Have you seen the last 7 years? What do you think 9/11 did for the fundamentalist movement? Great things, is what. And with more people in poverty, cut off from their communities, and just generally feeling alienated and lost, more people are being lured into fundamentalist churches. The churches have easy answers. Granted, you have to give up free thought, Sundays, and premarital sex, but for an eternity in heaven, that's peanuts!

These are some of the ideas the author discusses. He also documents speeches given by different church leaders, programming on Christian broadcasting stations, and seminars on how to proseletize and spread the Word. This stuff is scary but definitely worth keeping an eye on. Check out this book if you get a chance.

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