Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim

I'm pretty sure you're all familiar with David Sedaris, and venture to guess that at least a few of you have read something by him before. This is the third book by him that I've read (others were "Me Talk Pretty One Day" and "Holidays on Ice") and it was also my favorite. He has a way of taking everyday events that all of us can relate to and making them funny and touching....I guess that's every good comedian's trick, and he masters it in "Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim." It's a great book for two reasons: (1) It'll make you laugh because it's about his experiences growing up, and no matter what family you're part of, there are some universal things we can all nod along with and say "yep, that's just about right." and (2) it's a quick read and a book with which you can skip around and not be confused. It's a collection of short stories, so if you want to skip over one, or put the book down for a bit and come back, you can do that and pick right back up where you left off. The perfect quick summer read!!!
So, needless to say, I recommend this to all of you. If you're looking for something uplifting (and who isn't?) and something you can read in a day or two, this is the book for you!!!
And thanks for the reminder to get back up and blogging, Amanda - I've missed this!

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Amanda said...

Yay! I was playing around with the blog layout and was like "Wait a minute, where's my post?!" only to realize you'd posted really quickly...Yay Aunt Becky! (as Katie would say...and does, EVERY day.) I loved this book too. David Sedaris is hilarious! This book is WAY funnier than the huge downer I posted about, by the way. You'll probably want to read this one before you read that one everybody (-: