Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Marley and Me

I read this book way before any hype about the movie came along. As you all probably know by now, it is a funny, touching book about a newlywed couple who gets a lab puppy who is full of personality, headstrong, loyal, with fears of thunderstorms (not good living in Florida as they do in the beginning). I laughed out loud many times. I cannot imagine having an animal like Marley for my pet, but the bonds with him swing emotions around like he enjoys swinging some pleasurable toy. The author is a professional writer (newspapers) and is an easy read. You learn about his family and their ups and downs (some very deep downs) as they all entwine themselves as a family. This is more like summertime beach reading, but if you want something to make you laugh and touch your heart, this is a good one.

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