Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? by Mindy Kaling

“This book will take you two days to read. Did you even see the cover? It’s mostly pink. If you’re reading this book every night for months, something is not right.”

Ok, full disclosure: This book took me three days to read when it should’ve taken me an afternoon. Why? Not because I’m secretly dyslexic or really super slow, but simply because I did not not not want this book to end. I didn’t think it’d be possible to read a book that I thought was funnier than “Bossypants,” but this one took the cake (mmm, cake).

“Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me” is written by someone who, up until reading the book, I knew nothing about, cared nothing about, and really thought was sort of annoying. I’m not a fan of the US version of “The Office”, even though I think it has its moments. But I really wasn’t a fan of Mindy Kaling’s character on that show. So when I heard that she wrote a book, it barely registered.

But then it popped up on my Amazon list under “Suggested Reads” (not sure why, I mean, just because I read any book by any famous woman who wants to give me advice on life, love, and friendship doesn’t mean…hey, it does sound funny! Thanks, Amazon.com!). However, I was still resistant because I have standards and if I’m going to be in my apartment alone reading with my cat it has to be something worthwhile, like Betty White’s “If You Ask Me…and I’m Sure You Won’t” (classic!).

In a shocking turn of events, though, I got really desperate one night when I realized that I was going through withdrawal after finishing the Steve Jobs biography (stay tuned) and “The Gates” (thanks for blogging about that, dad! Loved it! Perhaps I’ll add to your blogging…). So, I wandered over to Barnes and Noble and this pretty pink book was staring me down, just daring me to buy it. Never one to say no to a challenge, I picked it up and said “Bring it, Mindy.”

And she did.

I think Amanda would really like this book (actually, I think you all would, but for some reason I can’t see mom or dad picking it up) and I promise you will laugh out loud at almost every page. And the moment I put it down I immediately texted Courtney, Mary, Beth, and Deidre to tell them to stop whatever it was that they were doing and buy it. And since Courtney and Mary are the only ones, for some reason, who listen to what I say (mind-boggling), they did it immediately, leading to one of the greatest compliments I’ve ever received.

Court: I’m pretty sure you are the ghost writer behind this book. She sounds just like you. You need to write a book.

Me: I wish I was that funny.

Court: You are. Now shut up and go write a book.

So, you see, with a review like that how could you not want to read it?

“I'm the kind of person who would rather get my hopes up really high and watch them get dashed to pieces than wisely keep my expectations at bay and hope they are exceeded. This quality has made me a needy and theatrical friend, but has given me a spectacularly dramatic emotional life.”


Amanda Amos said...

Your bashing of two of the only shows I actually watch (The Office and 30 Rock) aside, I think both of these books look fantastic! (Aside: you don't like 30 Rock? Even the first three seasons? I agree, it took a nose dive after that, but the first few seasons were fantastic. Tina Fey is genius! Alas....I digress.)

I think I'll add at least one of these to my reading list after I finish my first draft. Sounds like it might lighten things up after mutants and post-apocalyptic tragedy. A bit of a pick-me-up, wouldn't you say?

Also, I agree with Court. Where is "I Heart Pittsburgh?" Do you need me to make you a sticker chart? I'm good at that. Plus, I want to be on Ellen. Really. Bad. I think I mentioned that already. Plus, you're like "the female David Sedaris." That's a blurb for your book jacket. I think I mentioned that already, too. See, no one listens to me either. Must be genetic.

Thank you for kickstarting the blog! I'm reading "The Wind in the Willows" and will blog on that next. It's not sTORI Telling, but it's still good. Ha!

Becky said...

Haha, I didn't mean to bash - I'm just a weird tv watcher. All of my friends give me a hard time about not thinking 30 Rock is funny. Granted, I've only watched maybe 2 full episodes so perhaps that's not enough to judge...but that doesn't stop me. :-) Haha, you could be on Ellen for YOUR book! Though Courtney did try to entice me with writing my book by telling me that maybe I'd get to meet Betty White if I did.

I love that you and Court think so highly of my writing and comedic skills, but I worry that you two may be the only ones who read it....but hey, two's better than none!

Looking forward to your book AND your blog about "The Wind in the Willows." :-)

Dave said...

This sounds like you. I agree that you should also write a book. Then I could recommend both of them to the men's book club. It's got to be better than "The Sun Also Rises." I'll read this book after Jackie finishes it.

Dave said...

This sounds like you. I agree that you should also write a book. Then I could recommend both of them to the men's book club. It's got to be better than "The Sun Also Rises." I'll read this book after Jackie finishes it.