Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Infernals by John Connolly

This is the second of Connolly's books with Samuel Johnson and his dog/friend Boswell.  It's a while after Samuel and friends save the world from demons coming through a portal inadvertently aided by powering up the Super Collider in Bern.  Now the tables are turned by the avenging demon who originally headed the invasion.  He's sucked Samuel and others from the village into Hell to gain revenge and to get in good with the head guy in Hell who's feeling a little off at the moment, leaving a lot of chaos in his leadership void.  Here's the deal... demons in an English village on Holloween - clever and funny.  Villagers in Hell against inept demons - not the same.  The funny asides and footnotes are still there, it just didn't work as well for me.  Maybe I was feeling grumpy (it happens), but I'll post on one of the books Amanda gave me for Father's day that is on a par with "The Gates."  As for this, maybe it would have been better with its English publication title "Hells Bells."  Or not.

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Becky said...

Hmmmm...I really did like the Gates, so I might add this to the list just for kicks when I'm done reading about Nazis. :-)

Thanks for posting! I need to get on here soon to post about a few that nobody will read, but hey, that's most of the books I read!