Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Graveyard Book and Interworld By Neil Gaiman

Seems like I'm posting British authors of supernatural stories, ala "The Gates", but Amanda gave me two Neil Gaiman books for Father's Day and Becky was curious about them, so her goes.  I read a movie review once that said "if you like that kind of stuff, you'll like this kind of stuff."  If you liked "The Gates" you may like "The Graveyard Book."  Gaiman won a ton of awards for it, and the story is odd but enjoyable, if you like that kind of stuff.  I do.  In a nutshell, a toddler's family is murdered by a member of a secret society and he was specifically supposed to get the toddler.  But, the toddler wandered away into a graveyard, the resident ghosts decided to take him in, and the murderer was deflected away and lost track of the baby.  The rest of the book jumps every two years as the boy gets older and learns cool ghost tricks, like walking through walls and disappearing.  Each jump involves a good adventure and another understanding by the boy of the world and, eventually, how he will have to live in it.  The murderer never stops looking and the book ends with the inevitable confrontation.  I liked the boy, the ghosts and other supernatural characters who protected and mentored the boy.  A good read.

So, you probably think the other book she gave me was "Interworld."  Nope.  That was "Good Omens", which was good but jumped around so much I found it distracting.  I think Becky would get a headache.  So I checked out "Interworld" from the library and find it sort of a more adult followup to "The Graveyard Book."  Seems there's a parallel existence to the one most of us inhabit (I'm pretty sure some folks are living in a different world) and the main character gets drawn into it.  It's a lot more dangerous than the current world and time isn't quite the same.  Think of Neo in "The Matrix" before and after working in the office.  It's a good adventure, the story moves right along, and it also ends in a satisfying way.  Think of Becky's blog postings, except with pants and happening in a sewer.  Enjoy.

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